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To keep pace with today's dynamic environment, HDF Consulting offers a great number of hardware, including products for implementing and managing a complete network. We deliver both to companies and individuals, with a broad range of items differing from mouse pads to servers. Our outstanding products can be custom made to your demands.


Toolbox RepairWarranty

Because we stand behind the products we sell, we are able to give our customers manufacturer's warranty as well as warranty from our company itself: the HDF retail warranty.

Every product and every brand sold by us has our high value. We are confident about our products and services and promise you products in ideal condition and high quality after-sale services.

Delivery ServiceDelivery

We endeavor to be more than just another IT company by delivering and installing the product right where you want it: at home or in your office, just say the words and we're on it. During the set up, the customer also has time to ask questions and to become acquainted with the product through the viewpoint of our professionals. And of course, if you prefer to pick up the product yourself, you are most welcome to drop by at our office.

After Sale SupportAfter Sale

We believe that our after-sale support is just as important as the performance of our products before sale. Because we can ensure you that the goods we sell are made of the highest quality, we have a warranty policy on all the hardware we deliver. But that's not all. Not only do we offer a return policy on our products, we also have our technicians ready to answer your questions as well. And on top of that, we service what we sell and keep customer satisfaction at the front of our minds.


Afford More With Our Leasing Service

With the leasing service of HDF Consulting, you can convert your investments in hardware to monthly fixed amounts. This way, you have the advantage of improving your cash flow and allowing yourself to afford more. Leasing is especially appealing if your company counts on innovative technology such as the newest computers, communications devices, or other hardware. A bunch of short-term leases will save you more money rather than buying new hardware every couple of years.

You have more control over your finances, because of the advantage of leasing:

Our Brands

Besides supplying pre-manufactured dektops, laptops and servers, we also build customized computers. Our competitive prices will surprise you at how much you can save. Major brands we sell include, but not limited to, are: