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A reliable network environment combined with network support is the core of all IT service collaboration in the business environment. Network design has a very real impact on business efficiency and productivity, impacting the functions of your entire organization including your Storage Area Network (SAN) infrastructure.

Choosing the right server solution and network services for your business can be complicated and frustrating. This is a component of your IT infrastructure that can halt employee productivity if not maintained properly.

With so many options to choose from, how do you make the right IT network infrastructure and server management decisions for your business that will allow you to grow, meet compliance standards, and not incur unexpected costs along the way?

Managed IT through Simple Solutions

HDF's team of network experts makes the process easy for you. To manage these issues, we offer a complete solution for you IT infrastructure, that include network components, such as design, performance and security management to optimize the speed and reliability of your network. Our many years of experience with ISA, Exchange, SQL and File servers, is a guarantee that your network will run smoothly together with solutions that include all of the server components for file, print, mailing, FTP, proxy, LDAP, backup, web, and database.

With HDF Consulting, you are guaranteed to have the right people with the right tools to take care of your network. HDF's networking consultants can provide you with the setup and managementof a completely new server or network, whether you need a cable (CAT5 or fiber optic), wireless or satellite connected infrastructure that ensures your company to communicate safely and efficiently.

We also offer server management support for your existing servers or a full implementation of all the needed equipment and IT support services. Our IT consultants will tailor a solution to meet your IT infrastructure and server management needs, regardless of your unique requirements or server compliance standards.

Collaborate anytime, anywhere

HDF Consulting supplies your company with a full suite of IT outsourcing tools and managed IT services to help you manage your entire computing environment and IT lifecycle management in a more efficient and controlled manner.

Whatever your IT requirements are, our team take pride in delivering high quality solutions driven completely by your business needs. If there is a network service you need that's not listed above, please contact us for more information.