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DesktopsDo you know those days when you've spend hours working on that paper and your computer just starts to 'hang'? Or out of nothing you get a blue screen? Or even see smoke coming out of the case? You could've avoideded these situations if you'd maintained your computer on a regular base. Or better yet, let us do that for you. You wouldn't drive a car for years without changing the oil, so why ignore your computer? Like any investment, your computer needs constant care.

We help your computer, server, printer and other accessories and peripherals live longer, perform better, and avoid crashes or malfuntioning. Every computer needs a check-up from time to time to see if every component is performing as it should and isn't near the state of a burnout. Your computer's two most fearful enemies are heat and humidity. Dust and dirt are the most common causes of overheating. They can clog the fans and cause high temperatures on your PC. Any kind of dirt, including cigarette smoke or coffee, can damage metal components. That's why it pays to regularly clean your system inside and outside.

When you decide to do let us do the dirty work, we'll get right to it. First we check your computer if there are any parts that need to be changed, because they are malfunctioning or not working at all. Then we clean each part entirely. The last step in the cleaning process is fixing errors and scanning the computer on viruses, unwanted programs and outdated applications.

If your PC stands in a relatively clean, climate-controlled environment, an annual cleaning should be enough. But in some locations, such as dusty offices or shop floors, your system may need a cleaning every few months. Ready for a cleanup? Contact us today.