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DesktopsAsk yourself a few questions: Am I sure that no one outside of my company has access to my data? What would happen if all of the information on my server disappeared over night? We are aware that your information is confidential and essential to keep your business up-and-running.

HDF's networking consultants will map out a solution for your business that will ensure you have secure, local and remote networking services and support. These network support services allow us to proactively monitor the health of your network to improve network performance and security in accordance with corporate policies.

To prevent unauthorized personnel or programs from gaining access to computing resources, we use preventive technical controls. They ensure that the data is accessible to those whom it concerns, for instance for credit checking purposes, documents restricted for only the manager to see, investigation info in a lawyer's office, or accessing medical information.

Data Transfer Backup and Recovery

The data on your servers is your company's greatest asset. Should an accident or intruder destroy active data files or documentation, it is crucial that backup copies be readily available. We also monitor and maintain your backup daily for maximum IT security and server maintenance. To minimize business disruption, HDF Consulting also assists in restoring data in the event of data loss, resulting from hardware malfunctions, software conflicts, or viruses.

Internet Security Protection and Firewalls

As Internet usage has grown, so has the number of security threats. One way to protect yourself is to install a firewall, which keeps intruders from sneaking into your computer and accessing your private data. Firewalls also can alert you when unauthorized programs such as viruses and spyware attempt to transmit your sensitive information over the Internet. Firewalls are in particular crucial when your internet connection is always running.

Protection & Prevention Methods

To keep your server secure, we use - amongst others - the methods mentioned below:

No matter what kind of computer you have, you always need the most up-to-date security software. Protect yourself and your company, with the help of the guards of the security team at HDF Consulting. Just contact us.