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Telecommunication is an important part of modern society and therefore of your company. By using a Private Branch Exchange (PBX), you don't have to connect all the telephones in your organization to a public telephone network like Telesur. The PBX is a private internal telephone network that is used within an office or business, allowing a single telephone number to share multiple lines to internal callers or staff.

A lot of medium-sized and larger companies use a PBX because it's a lot less expensive than connecting an external telephone line to every phone machine in your company. In addition, it's easier to call someone within a PBX because the number you need to dial typically consists of only three or four digits. With the PBX system, you don't have to worry about high monthly telephone bills, being disconnected unexpectedly from the line or not being able to reach the person you're calling, which often happens when calling to a public phone number, possibly causing a lot of frustration.

Not only telephones, but also fax machines, modems and other communication devices can be connected to the PBX, commonly referred to as 'extensions'. Additionally, there are a number of external lines to make phone calls outside the company.

PBX offers more than just establishing connections between telephones. Just to name a few, you can use features like call forwarding, call waiting, conference call, custom greeting, music on hold, speed dialing and voice mail to improve the communication within your company and also with your customers or partners.

Furthermore, you can always contact us to setup your VOIP systems.

If you choose to have your internal telephone network with matching telephones or other devices installed, configured and maintained by us, you are ensured of having a productively communicating work environment. Contact us today.